Converting Wordpress Blog From to Slicehost Slice

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I just finished the conversion over from a hosted blog to a wordpress blog that I’m running on a slicehost slice.

I think that it’s good to maintain your own linux server and get your hands dirty from time in Apache rewrite rules and php code.

The biggest reason for the switch is that the wordpress instance on completely mangles pasted grails and groovy code. It tries to make things pretty by changing a double dash to an mdash, single dashes to an ndash and double quotes to “smart” quotes (an oxymoron if there ever was one). Not to mention the manual &gt; and &lt; that you need to enter instead of > and <. These insidious changes make pasted code worthless and painful for readers to use.

After struggling with trying to get the formatting working correctly for a few weeks, I decided to host my own blog and use the great wp-syntax plugin.

I did need to do some reformatting on my old posts (as I don’t need to encode things anymore) and I believe that I have everything fixed now.  Let me know if you run across anything I’ve missed in the conversion.