Unminimize Windows on OS X

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There’s a tip over on lifehacker that shows how to open a new window for an application that has no windows currently open by cmd-tabbing to it and then holding down the option key before releasing command.

This didn’t seem like that great of a tip to me at first, because cmd-N brings up a new window in just about any application that this will work for. Then I noticed the first comment where the poster noted that holding option down will also unminimize any minimized windows for that application. Something that I didn’t previously know how to do in native OSX after many google searches.

The native ways of using the keyboard to get it unminimized that I knew of were either kludgy (ctrl-F3 to select the dock and then using the arrows to find the minimized app and hitting return), or required an external app like Witch.

I’ve gotten into the habit of hiding windows (cmd-H) rather than minimizing, but this might get me to start using minimize again.