Getting Grails New Uber Generate-All to Proceed Without Prompting

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In my current project, I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking of the default grails scaffolding templates. Because of this, I need to run the new uber generate-all command quite a bit to recreate things.

The one problem with this script is that if the files already exist, a prompt will come up after ~10 seconds or so (after the grails environment bootstraps) asking you if you want to Overwrite everything:

grails generate-all "*" 
~10 seconds pass
Generating views for domain class Baz ...
File /foobar/grails-app/views/baz/list.gsp already exists. Overwrite?y,n,a

This was a bit of a pain as I’d often kick the script off, get distracted and then come back to the shell with that prompt still waiting for me to tell it what to do. I’d rather just start working with my shiny new scaffolding.

The easy solution to this is simply to pipe the answer you want into the grails command:

echo "a" | grails generate-all "*" 

Doing that will pipe the “a” into the grails command so that when the prompt finally comes up, it knows that it can continue regenerating all of my scaffolding.

It seems simple enough after I figured it out, but I thought it could save some other people time when they’re hacking around with templates and know they want to regenerate all of them.