OSX AppleScript Command Line Util to Eject All Removable Disks

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On my MacBook pro, I’ve got 4 removable hard drives (2 physical in 2 partitions each) and a JungleDisk mount.

I found it painful to manually eject each individual drive in the finder so I threw together this quick AppleScript to eject all the disks.

tell application "Finder"
    eject (every disk)
end tell

Just open up /Applications/AppleScript/ScriptEditor.app and paste that in. Then choose “Save As” and pick “Application”. That will compile the script and create a .app file that you can click on to run, or you can put it in your path and execute it there.

I think the same kind of script could be created with the command line “diskutil eject” command, but this seemed cleaner as I wasn’t able to come up with a generic way to figure out which disks were “ejectable” and which weren’t. AppleScript is able to figure that all out for you.