Grails Build-test-data Plugin Version 0.2.3 Released

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I’ve just released the latest version of the grails build-test-data plugin. This version has a couple of bugfixes that were reported by users. Including one with a nice patch including a test from Robert Fletcher (patches with tests are always appreciated).

For those that aren’t familiar with the plugin, it make creating testing data easy.

It automatically adapts to changes in your domain classes and makes your integration tests easier to write and much less fragile.


Overall, the plugin has been very stable for the past few releases and I’m thinking about just bumping the version up to 1.0 fairly soon. The plugin seems pretty feature complete when balanced with it’s ease of use. Most of the other features I’ve thought of would explode the complexity level of the plugin and defeat it’s purpose. Might be best to leave well enough alone for now :).

I had a hell of a time with the current grails release-plugin cycle (6 attempts before it finally went through). The grails release-plugin command uses an old version of svnkit that’s only compatible with svn 1.5. I’ve long since upgraded to 1.6 on my mac, though luckily I did it through macports and still had the old version available to activate (sudo port deactivate subversion && sudo port activate subversion @1.5.6_0).

I did some searching around to find out how to install an old version of subversion, but didn’t come up with anything after a quick google so I might be screwed after my wipe/reinstall for snow leopard next week till Grails patches things with svnkit 1.3.

I did open up a JIRA ticket for grails to upgrade to svnkit 1.3, and I was surprised that there wasn’t already a ticket open on it (and that trunk still had svnkit 1.2 in it).