Snow Leopard Shared Printer Job "on Hold: Authentication Required" Fix

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I’ve had problems since installing snow leopard with sharing my printer with my wife’s macbook pro.

Whenever she’d try to print, the job would say “On Hold: Authentication Required”. After some fiddling around I found a solution:

  1. Go into System Preferences and go to the Print & Fax panel.
  2. Right click on the printer and choose “Reset Printing System…”. This will remove all of your printers.
  3. Hit the “+” and add the printer back, it should now be reset and have fixed whatever was fubar before.
  4. Click on the “Sharing Preferences” button (or go to the “Sharing” System Preference panel)
  5. Make sure that “Printer Sharing” is checked and that your printer’s name is also checked and that “Everyone” is set to “Can Print”
  6. On the remote machine you want to remove the printer and add it back in through the System Preferences Print & Fax panel

(This is on 10.6.1, not sure if this works in 10.6.0 (where I first had the problem), you should update to the latest).

After doing all that, I was able to print from my remote computers without any problems or any issues around authentication.