Using Dropbox to Share (Most of) Your Home Directory Across Multiple Computers

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I’m a very happy customer of Dropbox. It allows painless syncing of files across multiple computers without extra features to complicate it. The top rated answer on Quora to the question “Why is Dropbox more popular than other programs with similar functionality?” sums things up perfectly.

One of my favorite uses of Dropbox is to sync almost all of the non-machine specific configuration files and directories in my home directory across all my OSX computers (currently my iMac, MacBook Air, and my work laptop).

Doing this lets me make a configuration change to one computer and have it almost instantly available on any other computer without any manual steps.

This is especially important for my zshell and Vim configurations as I’m always tweaking those, but it’s also helpful to have my Documents, Downloads and Pictures shared.

I have a folder in my Dropbox directory called home, I use a script called to automatically create symlinks in my home directory to the things I’ve got stored in Dropbox.

Dropbox/home currently has these files and directories in it:

Desktop-starling.local/   # unique Desktop for my MacBook Air
Desktop-kestrel.local/    # unique Desktop for my iMac
Desktop-thrush.local/     # unique Desktop for my work MacBook Pro

My Dropbox/home directory also has a shell script in it called

#! /usr/bin/env bash
cd $(dirname $0)

function linkFile() {
    if [ -z $LINK_TO_NAME ]; then
    if [ -a $HOME/$LINK_TO_NAME ]; then
        echo "**** Found existing $LINK_TO_NAME, skipping..."
    elif [ -h $HOME/$LINK_TO_NAME ]; then
        echo "Already symlinked $LINK_TO_NAME, skipping..."
        echo "Linking $1 to $LINK_TO_NAME"
        ln -s $PWD/$1 $HOME/$LINK_TO_NAME 

for F in $(ls -a1 | grep -v | grep -v Desktop | egrep -v "^..?$" | egrep -v "^.*un~$" | grep -v .DS_Store); do
    linkFile $F

export HOSTNAME=$(hostname)

if [ -d "Desktop-$HOSTNAME" ]; then
    linkFile "Desktop-$HOSTNAME" "Desktop"
    echo "Unable to find Desktop-$HOSTNAME to link to Desktop"

What the script does is:

  1. cd into the directory that the script is located in (it only symlinks files in the same directory)
  2. list out all of the files and directories in the same directory as the script
  3. filter out the things we don’t want to link (like ., .., the script itself, etc)
  4. For all of the files/directories that pass the filter, call linkFile to create a symlink in the current user’s home directory as long as there isn’t already a file or a symlink there
  5. Then look for a file called Desktop-$HOSTNAME where $HOSTNAME is the name of the current machine and create a ~/Dropbox symlink to it if it’s found.

It should be safe and non-destructive and only create symlinks when there isn’t anything else there with the same name.

I didn’t have my Pictures, Documents, and Downloads in my Dropbox for quite a while and was able to get away with the free 2GB plan. I recently upgraded to a paid Dropbox plan as I wanted those directories shared as well (though I exclude a couple of them from my work MacBook Pro).

For “special” directories like Desktop, Pictures, Documents, and Downloads, I needed to use sudo rm -r [dirname] to remove it before I could create the symlink (BACKUP THE DIRECTORY FIRST).

I’ve been using this for over a year, and haven’t noticed any apps that care that those directories are symlinks.

Also? I have used this shell script many times on my systems, and I think it’s safe, but PLEASE backup before using it, or deleting any directories. An adult crying is not a pretty sight :).