Quick Shell Function to Bootstrap a Gradle Groovy Project

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Gradle is a great build tool. It’s easy to download and install. If you’re on a mac and have homebrew, it’s as easy as:

brew install gradle

It’s very easy to use with a little experience, but I find having a good starting place to base your work from can help.

Here’s a quick function that I’ve got in my .zshrc to bootstrap a new groovy gradle project in the current directory (it should also work in in a .profile/.bash_profile/.bashrc).

function newgradle() {
    echo "Creating files for new gradle project"

    cat <.gitignore
    cat <build.gradle
apply plugin: 'groovy'
apply plugin: 'idea'

repositories {

dependencies {
    groovy 'org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:1.8.6'
    groovy 'org.apache.ivy:ivy:2.2.0'
    testCompile 'junit:junit:4.10'

task createSourceDirs(description : 'Create empty source directories for all defined sourceSets') << {
    sourceSets*.allSource.srcDirs.flatten().each { File sourceDirectory ->
        if (!sourceDirectory.exists()) {
            println "Making \$sourceDirectory"

idea {
    project {
        jdkName = '1.6'
        ipr {
            withXml { provider ->
                provider.node.component.find { it.@name == 'VcsDirectoryMappings' }.mapping.@vcs = 'Git'
    module {
        downloadSources = true
        downloadJavadoc = true

    gradle createSourceDirs

    git init
    ls -a1 && find src    # list all created assets

It creates a build.gradle file ready to work with java and groovy projects, including IDEA integration (just execute gradle idea).

This gives you all of the tasks necessary to compile, jar, test, and distribute your code. For more information, check out the gradle docs on the java, groovy, and idea tasks.

It also creates all the necessary source directories for you and initializes a new git repository (with starting .gitignore file) for you to save your work.

You can easily tweak the build.gradle or .gitignore files to fit your needs. If you don’t use git, you can either delete those lines, or subsitute the equivalent lines for the source control tool you use. These are just a good starting place for me.

Here’s the sample output from the script above:

% mkdir testapp
% cd testapp
% newgradle                                                                   
Creating files for new gradle project
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/main/resources
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/main/java
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/main/groovy
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/test/resources
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/test/java
Making /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/src/test/groovy


Total time: 2.344 secs
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/tnaleid/Documents/workspace/testapp/.git/

Then you’ve got all this gradle functionality ready to use:

% gradle tasks                                                           

All tasks runnable from root project

Build tasks
assemble - Assembles all Jar, War, Zip, and Tar archives.
build - Assembles and tests this project.
buildDependents - Assembles and tests this project and all projects that depend on it.
buildNeeded - Assembles and tests this project and all projects it depends on.
classes - Assembles the main classes.
clean - Deletes the build directory.
jar - Assembles a jar archive containing the main classes.
testClasses - Assembles the test classes.

Documentation tasks
groovydoc - Generates Groovydoc API documentation for the main source code.
javadoc - Generates Javadoc API documentation for the main source code.

Help tasks
dependencies - Displays the dependencies of root project 'test'.
help - Displays a help message
projects - Displays the sub-projects of root project 'test'.
properties - Displays the properties of root project 'test'.
tasks - Displays the tasks runnable from root project 'test' (some of the displayed tasks may belong to subprojects).

IDE tasks
cleanIdea - Cleans IDEA project files (IML, IPR)
idea - Generates IDEA project files (IML, IPR, IWS)

Verification tasks
check - Runs all checks.
test - Runs the unit tests.

Other tasks
createSourceDirs - Create empty source directories for all defined sourceSets

Pattern: build: Assembles the artifacts of a configuration.
Pattern: upload: Assembles and uploads the artifacts belonging to a configuration.
Pattern: clean: Cleans the output files of a task.

To see all tasks and more detail, run with --all.


Total time: 4.871 secs