Git Core Concepts Presentation at GR8Conf US 2012

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I gave a presentation earlier today on Git at the Groovy and Grails GR8Conf US 2012 conference.

The GR8Conf was named for the 8 groovy-based technologies starting with the letter “G” that were popular when the conference first started 2 years ago (I think they were Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Griffon, Gant, GPars, Gaelyk, and…? Maybe GContracts or Geb?). I don’t think that Git was one of the 8 technologies the conference was named for, but it probably should be. All of the ones listed have repositories out on GitHub and you need to know Git to be able to contribute and checkout the source.

The presentation is titled “Git Core Concepts…or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the reflog” and it can be found out on GitHub.

There’s also a repository with all of the presentations collected for the entire conference that Shaun Jurgemeyer (one of the main conference organizers) is putting together.

Thanks to Shaun and everyone else for putting on a fun conference this year. It was fun seeing a lot of familiar people and putting some faces to those I’ve only interacted with virtually in the past.